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Portable Event Toilet: Seeing your favourite band live in concert? Don’t mess yourself with excitement…step into a portable toilet from Jerry On The Job.

Jerry on the Job: Your Choice for Portable Toilet Rentals In Southern Ontario

Are you hosting an outdoor event and require sanitation facilities for your guests? Look no further than Jerry On The Job for your portable toilet requirements. We rent and service portable toilets for your construction site, office trailers and other commercial sites with no sanitation facilities. We can also provide water and pump out service for your construction or office trailers.

We enjoy making our customers happy with a personalized greeting and continual commitment to good customer service. Our team of employees and service drivers have over 15 years of experience with Jenco and know our customers well – so well that we can identify most customers immediately when they call in to order a portable toilet. 

We are proud to serve a diverse client base providing sanitation services to members in the construction industry, event trades and those hosting private functions.

Some of the services we provide include:

Portable Toilet Rentals and Service
Washroom Trailers
Septic Tank Pumping
Holding Tanks
Free Pick-up and Delivery
24-hour Emergency Service

We may not be the largest supplier in Southern Ontario, but we are certainly not a small operation. With over 50 years in the portable sanitation industry, you will find that we have much more experience in the industry than many of our competitors. We are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. We do not “hard-sell” our customers – we will only give you your options for what you need – and nothing more. We want you to be happy and use us again!

Portable Event Toilet

Flushable Outdoor Toilet

Our flushable outdoor toilets make doing your business in the outdoors a bit more comfortable.

Portable Jobsite Potty

Portable Jobsite Potty

On the job at a construction site and need a sanitary place to do your business? Rent a portable toilet for your worksite.

Wedding event

Contact Us Today

Ensure your guests have a sanitary place to relieve themselves with our range of portable, flushable toilets.

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Brands Carried

Portable Jobsite Potty
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