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Construction Rentals

Tough Jobsite Toilets in Innsifil with Comfort Features

Construction rentals is where Jenco (or Jerry On The Job) started back in the 60’s. We have many customers that have been with us for over 30 years. Now, that’s a testimony to good customer service and dedication to our valued customers!

When work keeps you out in the cold, you need a clean, well maintained place to go. The portable toilets we offer are a welcome addition to any jobsite.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour requires that every construction site has portable toilets available for workers to use. We supply durable portable toilets to construction sites as well as provide holding tank pumping and water delivery to on-site washroom trailers. Jenco also has a variety of options for all your construction needs – or anywhere where you require outdoor sanitation facilities. 

We supply units to many golf courses, landscaping companies, truck/transportation yards/farms, sales offices, etc. Anywhere where indoor facilities are just not available.

We are proud to offer the following construction units:

Chemical Flush Portable Toilet

MOL approved. Durable exterior. Interior contains 1 recirculating chemical flush toilet with a urinal. You have the choice to have either a hand-sanitizer dispenser or a small sink with soap and paper towels. Other options include heat lamps, insulated “blankets” and lift hooks.
Holding tank capacity: 60 gallons (maximum 10 employees for a 40 hour work week)
Dimensions: 4’ L X 4’ W X 8’ H

Single Heated Flush Units

Exterior comes in durable polypropylene/fiberglass panels and roof with ventilation. Interior contains a built-in heater, and a recirculating chemical flush toilet, urinal, small sink, soap and paper towels.
Power requirements: 2 X 110V/15 amp power supply on separate circuits. You must supply your own power source and extension cords.
Holding tank capacity: 60 gallons – waste tank; 15 gallons – water tank.
Dimensions: 4.5’ L X 4.5’ W X 8.5’ H

2-Unit Heated Washroom (Cabanacan)

Two separate heated washrooms. Inside of each unit is a toilet, stainless steel sink with hot and cold water and mirror. It is heated with a 2’ baseboard heater (on its own thermostat). Flourescent lighting. All paper supplies.
Power requirements: 240V (hard-wired)
Holding tank capacity: 300 gallons – waste tank; 12 gallon hot water tank
Dimension: 8’ W X 8’ 8” L X 10’ H

Container Unit – Water & Sewage Tanks

Metal sea container with two 2,000 gallon tanks. One tank for non-potable water/one tank for sewage waste.
Equipped with pumps and heaters (heat traced). Ready to hook up to your office/washroom trailer.
Power requirements: 240V/50 amp (hard-wired)
Dimensions: 8’ X 20’

Regular Portable Toilet

Durable exterior. Interior contains 1 toilet, 1 urinal and optional hand sanitizer dispenser and paper supplies.
Not MOL approved for construction sites.
Great for farms/outdoor sporting facilities/trucking yards, etc.
Dimensions: 4’ L X 4’ W X 7.5’ H

Handwash Station

Durable plastic construction. Contains 2 sinks, soap and paper supplies. Operated by a hands free foot pump.
Holding tank capacity: water – 22 gallons; gray water – 24 gallons – Note: this is non-potable water.
Dimensions: 1.75’ L X 2.16’ W X 62” H
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